Breaking Down Silos Drives Trusted Risk Intelligence

RANE views risk through a unique, integrated lens – across security, cyber, geopolitical, and compliance risks – to better assess what the intersections of those risks mean for our clients.

Cyber Intelligence

Manage cybersecurity as a business risk across operating teams for improved awareness of emerging threats, unique insights into the intersection with other risks, and a daily brief to support overall cyber resiliency.

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Core Intelligence

Our foundational product covers four major categories of risk: Cybersecurity, Physical Safety, Geopolitical, and Legal/Compliance, with smart curation of verified risk news and OSINT for better situational awareness and analysis of implications for businesses.

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Integrated Geopolitical and Threat Intelligence

To support critical decisions, RANE provides comprehensive business, country, and sector assessments that evaluate geopolitical risk factors, with insights into the current and likely future operating environment.

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